Qatar-Sudan relations

The dual relations is known to be continuous, distinguished and developed, due to the extensive attention of the higher leadership in the two brotherly countries. Since the inauguration   of the Qatari Mission in Khartoum in 1972 at its diplomatic level representation, it has transcended to other aspects and various levels

Politically, the bilateral relations were represented in coordinated positions at the regional and international forum, exchange of visits, and co-operation at all level, accordingly confirming the Qatari concern about the peace-making process and development in Darfur, particularly the Qatari initiative regarding Darfur which was crowned by signing the Doha peace agreement "DDPD" and adhoc projects of development and reconstruction in the region through the Qatari initiative to develop Darfur. On this regards the Sudanese officials kept confirming that the "DDPD" is solely the forum to complete the peace-process in Darfur, thus denying the attempt of some entities to find other alternative forum.

Whilst at Economic level, the Qatari investments in Sudan acquire a high percentage of the overall foreign investments, via the Qatari organization and agencies; such as Qatari National Bank "QNB"; Al-Dyar Real estate business; Hassad Co ( investing in agriculture); Barwa Real estate Co,  Qatar Mining, beside others individually investor in general trade and agriculture. On the other hand; Qatar Airways is considered as mostly prominent company serving the passengers to and from Sudan, there is as well the “Archeology and Tourism Project” aiming to conduct restoration and maintenance on antiquities at archeological Sudanese sites , also building infrastructure that facilitate easy outreach to these targeted sites and provide accommodations for residence

The aforementioned concludes the existence of a social sentimental dimension by the public which grown naturally as time goes by.