Tourist attractions

Nile Street Corniche- AlMugran(joining of Bule & White Nile)- National Museums (Natural Museum- Historical- archeological-Military)- Red Sea Port in Portsudan- Suakin Port- Al Dinder  natural wildlife sanctuary

National Museum of Sudan

located  in the heart of Khartoum, was opened in 1971 and featuring the effects area flooded areas Halfa Lake dam and irrigated zones,  displayed  with respect to the chronology of Antiquities by the history of civilization. The Museum is open daily, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., except on Monday.

The shores of the Red Sea, Sudan

Sudan's Red Sea Beach features the purity and transparency of the waters and is more attractive natural areas in Sudan, currently attracts a major part of tourists who come to the country, especially the lovers of the sea ,scuba diving and snorkeling and other water sports, and enjoyed an excellent reputation worldwide, as it is one of the purest seas remained unharmed with  pollution, thus  full of spectacular coral reefs. There is also snkonib island-the only full round shaped  Island- and boasts many aquatic and colorful coral reef.

The pyramids of Meroe

quenched, mroah (Meroe) or "Meroë" is the old name for the city that contains the Nubian pyramids at Shendi province in river Nile State of Sudan, about 200 miles from Khartoum and was the capital of the  KUSH Kingdom  where there is  pyramids of Nubia. The pyramids built by alkocion rulers in Sudan, in 300 b.c. Nubians  were known by building the pyramids frequently as they  believe that their kings goddess alive as they die and to be buried in their cemeteries. The largest buildings pyramids as Kings of the ancient Egyptians. For this there are several pyramids than currently exists in Egypt. The largest mroah Nubian pyramids and Nori and Kori areas

Marra  Mountain

the  mountain  is once again recognize tourist attractor in Darfur, and at 10 000 feet above sea level, where the Mediterranean climate, with a large vegetation as there are in the region of dense forests and Golol area waterfalls, along with an attractive waterfall  in Murtaglo  area abound in species of monkeys and other wildlife. The “Daribah Al Foha “represents a region of volcanic crater of the mountain and  have two lakes which lies in AlRadoom National Region which is  characterized by an abundance of wild animals and birds, but yet not targeted by tourists extensively.  There is a Candi Lake territory which represents one of the largest populations of migratory and endemic birds breeding in Sudan, geese and ducks and Bustard and many types of storks. Mountain Wadi howar which boasts many types of wildlife beside the ancient monuments of sulphur water in Ain Farah. Also “ Azom Valley” areas are suitable for photography enthusiasts and amateur adventure and rugged nature

 Investment opportunities are increasing residential and rehabilitation and modernization of tourist villages in Jebel Marra and set up camp a permanent tourist  in Al Radoom Area  and create mount gym time for sport climbing, in addition to establishing therapeutic sulphur waters areas hotels and tourist center on the Candi Lake Bird enthusiasts to be at the same time a centre for researchers and watchers of movement of migratory birds in addition to the creation and rehabilitation of animal parks and theme parks

Dinder Natural Wildlife Sanctuary

 established in 1935, about 680 km from Khartoum and a total area of about 10, 000 square kilometers, and conservation experts considers it  as one of the most beautiful 18 reserves in Sudan, its areas set up with full protection for  animal and does not permit any activities other than  tourism and entertainment and educational purposes.  the large reserves area extends up to the Ethiopian plateau and contains multiple environments, thereby acquiring a very rich  biologically  diverse, the reserves is crossed by two rivers ( er Rahad & al Dinder) both  rivers are seasonal from July (July) until November and  runs across the sanctuary  then eventually   sets at some ponds, creating spectacular natural scene. The period is from January to April  considered  the best periods to conduct visits to this  unique location, covered with grass and Plains where plants and bushes, lakes, tourist can access by road vehicles provided by specialized companies that proceed from Khartoum and the journey takes them about eight hours to alkoisi station, and then continue the journey to the sanctuary for a 4 hrs period.

Animals that can be seen there, which live on nature without steel fence «only what surrounds the tourist himself», from large mammals you can find black and wild Buffalo and deer, wolves, hyenas, giraffes, and deer, rhinoceros and colored small monkeys «monkeys» hedgehogs and wild hogs.  as more than 90 species of birds that spread over  the water pools are squid and Albgbar which there local names are rohu fetch birds come in winter season running from frosting Europe to warm the African sun, as there is chicken Valley by color White spots dotted black Woodpecker and white pelicans, adjutant, walgharnok, ostriches and other protected there are 32 species of fish.

Other Attractions within the Capital

Ozone Café & restaurants, Al Saha Lebanes Restaurant, Chain of Cafes along the Nile River, Corinthia Hotel, Al Salam Rotana Hotel, Afraa Mall, Al Waha Mall, Spectra Western Restaurant, Top Capi Turkish Restaurant.