Embassy Services

Consular section in the Qatari embassy – Khartoum  provides the following services:

First: Approval of various transactions

  • Any transaction should be approved from the Qatari ministry of foreign affairs or the Sudanese ministry of foreign relations
  • University certificates (Academic) to be approved only those issued by the Qatari or the Sudanese universities
  • In the case of the certificates issued by the Sudanese universities, should abashed with the details that show the regular education system, not distant learning or any others, however all bachelors must be regular education system
  • Fees to be collected through consulate bank account at Qatar National Bank (QNB) Khartoum, however the amount of fee varies due to the type of the transaction submitted for approval or authentication

Second: Entry visas to Qatar

  • Official visa: the consulate provides the official visas to the official delegations, either governmental or private, as for the official visas for individuals should be upon invitations from Qatari entities to attend certain functions, invitation should be attached
  • Tourist visas: tourist visa to be obtained through booking at five or four star hotel in Qatar or Sudan, attached with bank account statement for the last three month for the date of the application, balance should not be less than 5000 Qatari Ryial or almost equivalent to "1370 $"
  • Visas for residents in the Gulf Cooperation Countries: Applicant should have a residence in the Gulf Cooperation Countries, valid for not less six month, as well the applicant should with in the category of the 43 professions specified and agreed upon