Qatar Embassy in Khartoum Organizes Farewell Festival for the Sudanese Team Participating in the Children World Cup in Doha


   The embassy of Qatar state in Khartoum in collaboration with Qatar charitable society in Khartoum , organized farewell  festival for the Sudanese team participating in  world cup for children in Doha,  in presence of Sudanese state  officials and leaders of the Sudanese football federation and united nations officers.

   HE/Abdulrahman bin Ali al-Kubeisi , ambassador of Qatar state to Khartoum pointed out the efforts that Qatar state has exerted in preparation for FIFA world cup, confirming that the aim of world cup for children is to mobilize support for children rights mainly those of special needs , so the participation of Qatar charitable society by two teams of orphans from Sudan and Bosnia in this version , reflects the humanitarian keenness of Qatar state and Qatar charitable society , confirming that the sport became a bridge for development and coexistence between peoples of the world.

   Mr. Hassan Oda , director of Qatar charitable society bureau in Sudan ,stated that world cup for children will be resembling  FIFA world cup 2022 in Qatar , pointing out that the society auspices 14000 orphans in Sudan ,expressing keenness of the society on  sport and its role in development and peace.  

     It is worth to be mentioned that the event attended by Mr. Jamal Abdallah , undersecretary of ministry of social development , ambassador Omar Esa , director of Arab department in ministry of foreign affairs , Dr. Najm al-Din Musa , humanitarian aid commissioner , representative of UNDP in Sudan  Mr. Jos De Lahi , Dr. Mutasim Jafar, head of Sudanese football federation , Mr. Majdi Shams al-Din , the secretary general of the Sudanese football federation , and mothers of the orphans.