Qatar red crescent stated that a plane follows Qatar Emiri Air forces loaded with drugs and medical supplies  arrived Khartoum international airport , confirming that this donation estimated to 70 tons  will arrive in three batches offered to federal ministry of health in Sudan , the rest of this donation will arrive consecutively.

        Mr. Osman Abu Zaid , representative of federal  ministry of health in Sudan   thanked   Qatar state and people for their  generous support, confirming  that Qatar always offers  to Sudan through its pivotal role in Darfur peace process and its  unlimited  donations , appreciating highly  the role of Qatar red crescent for this support and efforts exerted for more medical services and relief to Sudanese people.  

   Mr Abd Allah al-Mihshadi general manger of sector  of relief and international development in Qatar red crescent expressed that this medical supplies  came in participation with Sidra hospital in Qatar , appreciating the big cooperation of Qatar Emiri Air forces in carrying this batch to Sudan and thanking  Sudan federal ministry of health and Sudan red crescent for their cooperation to complete this project.

     Mr al-Mihshadi pointed out that this batch is a part of medical services which is a priority of both Sudan and Qatar red crescents,  confirming the continuity of donation to Sudan via  Qatar red crescent.